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Show: Wild Women Don’t Get The Blues! (Monday June 29th)

The Wild Women are back for another fantastic evening of Music, Moxie & Monologue! This show will be sure to sell out fast so get your tickets here >>>> Wild Women Tickets – Monday June 29th



wild women june 29

Paintbox Bistro brings light to Regent Park!



David Macfarlane Entertainment Columnist

I will admit: the weather can be terrible. I will concede that there are times in the depths of winter when choosing between a vibrant downtown and a warm one begins to look like it might be a difficult decision. A Toronto in January is about the one thing that can make Fort Lauderdale look good.

So let’s forget the weather, shall we? Which is exactly what happened at the Paintbox Bistro in Regent Park the other night. It didn’t take long for everybody there to warm right up.

The Paintbox, which is on the south side of Dundas, just east of Parliament, is a hallmark of the transformation taking place in Regent Park. I’m tempted to say the “astonishing transformation,” but that wouldn’t be very Torontonian of me.

Sometimes it feels as if the city of Toronto does its level best never to get too excited about what’s really going on in the city. Even on those occasions when things are truly exciting, we remain distinctly unanimated about our metropolis.

But if you want to see what the astonishing, ongoing revitalization of one of Toronto’s most diverse neighbourhoods looks like you might want to drop in at the Paintbox one of these nights. Like I said, it’s in Regent Park. I can recommend the cod fritters, the burger and the Ontario Merlot.

It was the celebration of the 80th birthday of the Toronto drummer Archie Alleyne at the Paintbox the other night.

The evening featured the dapper and ebullient Mr. Alleyne and his trio, along with the trumpet of Alex Brown Cabrera, and the majestic presence and unmistakable voice of Jackie Richardson.

Alleyne’s birthday party marked the launch of the Paintbox’s “Season of Entertainment”: six weekend nights of jazz, comedy and an “indie night with The Breakdown and Maya Killtron.” This series continues until Feb. 15.

I think I can say with some confidence that “happy” has not been the description of many a Toronto street corner in January. Less often still when the corner in question happens to be just east of Parliament St. But that was the word that came to mind as I crossed Dundas St. the other evening.

In the cold darkness of a Toronto winter night, the Paintbox looked more like a golden container of light than a box of colour: the lively glow of stage lights, the reflections of overheads in wine glasses and cutlery, the burnish of piano and standup bass, the sheen of cymbals, the brassy gleam of a trumpet.

The place was packed.

This felt immediately familiar to me, as I stopped for a moment to take in a sight that not very many years ago at that same corner, at that same time of night, could only have been a hallucination. And a pretty wild one at that.

I stood watching the crowd and the hurrying servers and the bustling kitchen and I realized how much the Paintbox fit into my own memories of warm, happy, swinging little spots in Toronto where it was possible to get a good meal, some reasonably inexpensive wine and hear some really great music.

George’s Spaghetti House came to mind, when Moe Koffman always used to play there. And the Colonial on Yonge St., where somehow, as a teenager, I impersonated a 21-year-old successfully enough to hear jazz legends such as Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonious Monk.

Once — a highlight of my underage frequenting of the Colonial — I stood (speechless, needless to say) at a urinal beside Muddy Waters.

These small, vibrant, crowded little spots — like the Rex, like Hugh’s Room, like the Communist’s Daughter and, now, like the Paintbox — have always been the real beacons of light for me in downtown Toronto.

Food, and wine, and good conversation help dispel the seasonal gloom. But there’s nothing like the glow of good, live music to illuminate the city. Especially in the dead of winter.

Paintbox Grand Opening Gala Thursday, October 25th!!

This just in!

Paintbox is hosting our Grand Opening Gala on Thursday, October 25th in the Bistro! Reserve your spot by logging on to our website www.paintboxbistro.ca or give us a ring at 647-748-0555.

Featuring delicious food created by Chef Randy Farthing, cooked and served by our full team of Paintboxers! The Bistro will be packed with media, great food and cocktails, and what Paintbox is best known for…a warm welcome and unique atmosphere.

If you haven’t met them yet, now is your chance! For the first time, you’ll have the opportunity to really meet our Paintboxers and hear their stories. Learn what Paintbox really means, how and why it was created, and the impact it has made on each person it has come in contact with. We are thrilled to be formally intoducing ourselves to the industry and community. We are so excited to showcase where we’ve come from, where we’re going and why this project is so special.

It’s all about the Paintboxers (& future Paintboxers), our dedicated support members, and future clientele. This means you!

Pencil us in folks!


CBC News Posted: Sep 19, 2012 7:52 PM ET

Just incase you missed it, be sure to take a moment and watch this touching segment that CBC ran on our Paintboxers last week!

Regent Park roots reflected in new restaurant


Fuscia does Paintbox! …and, have you seen Boxie?

Check out our cutesy Paintboxer centerpieces!

-compliments of our friends at Fuscia Designs.

Out of the kindest of their hearts, Tamara and Kevin made our little Paintbox come alive this afternoon. Big shout out to them, and be sure to stay tuned for the playful creations they have in store for our official GRAND OPENING party (date announcement coming soon!) www.fusciadesigns.ca !!

Big love to Higgins Event Rentals as well, who played a huge role in our style this weekend! www.higginseventrentals.com !!


So did we mention our doors are open? We are officially up and running on almost all fronts! Catering – check. Bistro – check. Take Out Window – check . Café – almost there. Boxie – check. Bet you’re wondering what Boxie is. Boxie is a “she”, who is one of the key players in this fabulous operation. Why don’t we take this opportunity to formally introduce her to you.

Everyone, meet our BOXIE!

Boxie’s been out on the street all week making deliveries to our corporate clientele across the downtown core! So now you know when you see her around town, she’s with us! On a daily basis, we have been busy-bees delivering our delicious breakfast, lunch and snack-break Paintbox Catering Packages to multiple offsite events! Due to the extreme high volume of inquiries we’ve been receiving, we’re thinkin’ we’ll be investing in a few Boxie’s in the very near future, and maybe even a few more Paintboxers. wink!

Alrighty then, Friday night has quickly arrived. Our almost full dining room is screaming with laughs, hugs n’ smiles. Cocktails are flowing, the kitchen is steaming, and it all smells good.

Blog-ya later!

Paintbox supports the Regent Park Sports Club

Here we are proud to be invited into the Regent Park community!


– Nilusha, Dallas, Matt, Chris

It was our first official event in support of the Regent Park community! Local students went out of their way to welcome us. All on their own, they volunteered their time to organize this event to create awareness for the Regent Park Sports Club.

We set up our vibrant, multicolored booth right smack in the middle of Regent Park. The parking lot was immediately flooded with children and their parents. The children made their way through each station, where they could jump in an inflatable castle, play games & sports, boogie to the beats of the DJ, and then visit us for a well deserved healthy snack. One by one they made their way to our Paintboxers who were giving away free smiles and delicious wraps made by our brilliant culinary team.

We think the day was a great success! We couldn’t feel more fortunate to have been invited to share in this special day, and we look forward to being involved in many more community events to follow!

It’s a Sign!

Ladies & gentlemen, it’s a sign!

As the newest addition to the Paintboxer family, I can certainly say that after sharing lunch with my new friends in our colourful, lighthearted dining room today, I am truly blessed. My name is Dallas Johnstone, and I couldn’t be happier to introduce myself as the Director of Catering at Paintbox Catering & Bistro. I thought I would take it upon myself to express my utmost excitement through this bloggy-blog!

Each and every one of my Paintboxer friends who have accepted the blessing of sharing in this experience, will absolutely agree how special this project is. I couldn’t imagine sitting in a dining room feeling any more humble than I did today.

That said, WE HAVE A SIGN! Stay tuned folks, this is big news! I snapped this pic as our sign was being installed this afternoon. What does this mean? …Doors are almost open!

Paintbox is just around the corner, and we’re so excited to share our story (and delicious food and cocktails) with you all.

See you soon!
– Me n’ the Paintboxers

Moving in!

Friday's transformation from a construction site to a restaurant space was completed by some of our talented Paintboxers (above).  The entire crew sat down earlier to share lunch of linguine alla vongole and salad; what a fantastic feeling to dine in the bistro with colleagues! 

While waiting for final inspections (health, fire and liquor), it's been a week of getting to know each other.  Also service training, whmis, health & safety, menu tasting and generally ramping up for opening.

Opening date will be announced as soon as we get the inspection go-aheads.

©2012 Paintbox Catering and Bistro Inc. All Rights Reserved

The week in review


Thursday's job fair was an overwhelming success.  We interviewed over 160 people in 3 hours, and have booked 3 more days for those who couldn't get in.  The folks from Dixon Hall and TESS are amazing hr professionals and a dedicated and loveable group of Paintbox supporters! 

Our other big news this week is the addition of the newest Paintboxer, manager Nilusha Thiagaraja.  Nilusha grew up in Regent Park, is a graduate of George Brown College's school of Hotel Management, and most recently worked at O&B's Bannock restaurant.  Welcome Nilusha! :)

©2012 Paintbox Catering and Bistro Inc. All Rights Reserved

Paintbox Job Fair Tomorrow!


©2012 Paintbox Catering and Bistro Inc. All Rights Reserved